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Tailored Cybersecurity and IT for Small and Medium Businesses!

We offer Cybersecurity and Information Technology solutions that are tailored for small and medium businesses as well as individuals. Our services include the flexibility to be delivered on-site or remotely, making sure we adapt to a market that's heading more into the remote workspace every day.

Our Services

Our Service Offerings

We offer several tailored Cybersecurity and Information Technology Solutions that are scalable for individuals and businesses alike. Our Services incorporate the combined processes and practices of NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) and CMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification).

Vulnerability Assessments

This service focuses on assessing on-premises and/or cloud environments for existing vulnerabilities.

Remediation Planning

This service focuses on implementation of processes and practices in order to address existing vulnerabilities.

Disaster Recovery

We offer consulting services that cover Backup Services and Data Recovery tailored to small businesses.

Continuous Monitoring

Cybersecurity doesn't end when remediating existing vulnerabilities. Risk Management is a continuous effort, we offer tailored memberships that provide this service to your business.

M365 Services

We can also provide M365 Tenant Licensing and Management services as a Microsoft Partner. 

Cybersecurity Consulting

We offer Cyber consulting services that focuses on Planning and Documenting your System Security Plan. 

Beginner Steps for Cybersecurity

1. Patch and Update your systems and mobile devices regularly.

Ready to get Started?

Cybersecurity can be tailorable and simpler to set up that you think, that's why we are here. Reach out to us to schedule a FREE, no obligation evaluation. 

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