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CyberProtect Plans

Protect your business for only $9.99/Month!

Leverages Sophos InterceptX Technology

Includes Backup and Recovery

Protect against Phishing, Exploits, Ramsomware, and Cryptojacking

How does our plans work?

Galaxia's CyberProtect Plan offering was developed in order to address the lack of efficient, affordable, and managed Cyber and Information Technology solutions in the market targeted towards the SMB.

The plan includes a basic level of protection for the SMB market that addresses protecting Endpoints (Laptops, Desktops, Smart Phones, Tablets). In addition to the Cyber Protection, it also includes Backup and Recovery capability to help you recover in case of an attack. This level of protection is sufficient to protect against Phishing Exploits, Vulnerabilities, Ransomware, and Cryptojacking.

The pricing for the CyberProtect plan is based on the combined number of Users. Each User added to the plan increases the number of Backup space available. There are a number of different support plans available that can be customized to your business needs; additional protection capability can be added and include:

  • Email Security

  • Encryption

  • Server Security

  • 24/7 Rapid Response Capability

  • 24/7 Active Human Theat Hunting

  • Backup Space S3 Storage

  • CyberProtect Advanced

  • Computer and Server Configuration

  • M365 Security and Administration Services

  • Managed Cloud Systems and Servers

  • and so much more!

Contact a sales rep at for more information!

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